Phenocal: Can It Help With The Problems Of Slimming Down?

28 Jul

Losing weight is a matter of getting fat stored your body converted into energy, and upping metabolism. The conventional wisdom of reducing one’s calorie intake coupled with burning more calories through exercising doesn’t always work, as lots of people have a slower than average metabolism. Supplements have been designed to help by speeding up your metabolic process and enhancing what’s referred to as thermogenesis. Converting the fat in your body to supply energy is what’s referred to as thermogenesis. There is one product, made by Pharmaxa Labs, called Phenocal, that claims to work in both areas. Phenocal contains carefully chosen herbs and plants that burn fat fast, increase energy, control the appetite, and boost metabolism. An ingredients list tested to be effective supports the claims for this supplement. Intermittent fasting is a first-rateway to lose weight.

The ingredients that have been found to promote safe and quick weight loss are Green Tea, Evodiame and Chromium. Green Tea has been a popular drink in different parts of the world, but just became popular in the West after it was discovered to be high in antioxidants and promoted weight loss. Thermogenesis and the oxidization of fats are encouraged by catechin polyphenols, compounds found in Green Tea. Drinking about five cups of Green Tea daily can increase the metabolic rate and burn fat, as found by a Japanese study.

Caffeine, which increases the rate of metabolism, and epigallocatechin gallate, which burns body fat, are also contained in Green Tea. An important thing to note is that not all Green Tea products do work. Sadly, some of the ingredients are rendered ineffectual by the manufacturing process. Phenocal not only contains both catechins found in Green Tea, but also contains one more component in Chromium. This is an important trace mineral in the body that is essential for utilizing fats and carbohydrates. Chromium has gained popularity in recent years because of all that it does. Its role in the burning of fats has caused it to become widely used in pills for losing weight.

By assisting individuals in getting down to a healthy weight, chromium can not only prevent the onset of diabetes but help with heart problems also. Chromium, as shown by research studies, brings down LDL (the bad cholesterol), and helps people get rid of the fat while building healthy muscles. Phenocal’s thermogenic effect is further boosted by the substance called Evodiamine. Referred to as Wu-Chu-Wu in China, it is an alkaloid found in the plant Evodiae Fructus, and has the ability to affect metabolic rate and raise the body’s temperature. The higher the temperature of the body, the more fuel derived from the conversion of carbs and fats is used.

Phenocal has other components, but the three major fat losing substances are Green Tea, Chromium, and Evodiamine. Autonomous studies have proven once and for all that these, the active ingredients found in Phenocal, do help with shedding off excess pounds.

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